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Keresztes Zoltán, magyar zeneszerző, producer, jelenleg a közép-kínai Vuhan városában él. Ő a zenei vezetője és házi zeneszerzője a Han Show nevű, világhírű színpadi produkciónak, amit a legendás színházcsináló, Franco Dragone hozott létre 2014-ben.


From a noticed natural talent toward music, Zoltan started his education at the age of five in a specialized music preschool. He pursued his studies in a music-oriented elementary school specialized in the Kodály method where he studied the recorder and the french horn. For six years, he was a member of the school’s well known marching band and had his first tour in Europe. Throughout his elementary school education, Zoltan was also studying the piano in the Martyn Ferenc Free Art School, learning from Weiner Leo Prize-winning music teacher, Maria Apagyi.

Zoltan - Band room_edited.jpg

By age fourteen, Zoltan had started a ragtime and a Dixieland band, called the "Casino Dixieland Band”. The band toured the major Hungarian cities to great public reception with Zoltan performing on the drums.


Zoltan studied composition, music theory, choir conducting, the french horn and higher piano at the Hungary’s Secondary School of the Arts. Meanwhile, Zoltan performed with the jazz fusion band, “Va-Jazz”. The band was featured numerous occasions on national television broadcast stations. At 17, Zoltan took on the role of Musical Director, Composer, arranger and piano player for the Hungarian Secondary School of Art big band. Zoltan regularly took part in Hungary’s National Solfeggio Competition, had won the 1st place in 1990 and was second runner-up in 1993.


In 1993, he was accepted into the Budapest's prestigious music conservatory, The Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Composition and Kodály Music Teaching, furthering his musical training in Music Theory and Choir Conducting and Composition. 


After his graduation from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2001, Zoltan embarked on an illustrious career and built a solid reputation as a composer, arranger, conductor, music director, producer and sound designer. His body of work spans many different musical styles, from Classical to Pop and Jazz. He has worked on numerous high profile productions over the last decade in Europe, Singapore and with many of Hungary’s top theatre companies, symphonic and chamber orchestras, films, television shows, choirs and contemporary music label.


Artistic skills

Musical instruments played

  • Piano

  • Keyboards

  • Accordion

  • Drums

  • Percussions

  • French Horn

  • Trumpet

  • Recorder

  • Vocal

Technical skills

Advanced proficiency in digital music and audio production softwares

  • Sibelius

  • Finale

  • Logic

  • Cubase

  • Protools

  • Ableton Live

  • Sound Forge

  • Wavelab

  • Melodyne

Formal Education and Training

1995-2001 Absolutorium in Composition and Kodály Music  Education - Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest)

1993-1995 Conducting - Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest)
1989-1993 Choir Conducting, Solfeggio, Horn – Secondary School of Arts (Pécs)

1981-1989 Recorder, Piano, Horn, Solfeggio – Liszt Ferenc Music school (Pécs)

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